Aspirational Core

The Aspirational Core aspires to be outdoorsy and has a penchant for adventure. They tend to focus on one or two activities, including trail running, camping, mountain biking, and races. They stick close to home for most of their day-to-day activities but aspire to get further from home. Although they don’t face physical limitations to engaging in the outdoors, distance between where they live and where they want to recreate is a barrier.

WildHeart Tip: Protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays with sunscreen and protective clothing. Visit the directory to learn what outdoor fit opportunities are available at your installation.

“I just love being in the outdoors. It keeps me active and not idle.”

“I run or hike on the local trail because it’s convenient and close to home.”

Members of The Aspirational Core are open to renting as a way of figuring out which gear they want or whether they like the activity enough to invest. When they do buy, they look for gear that is specifically designed for their activity. Athletic and fashion brands appeal to members of this segment more so than traditional outdoor brands. However, when they do purchase outdoor products, they tend to choose products from well-known brands.

Members of The Aspirational Core tend to be younger and are more likely than members of other segments to be single.

Key Opportunity

The Aspirational Core is much like The Urban Athlete but with an emphasis on aspiration rather than participation. Efforts that target The Urban Athlete will likely pull in The Aspirational Core as well.

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