The Athleisurist is comfortable with where they are now and find their “center” in the outdoors. They aren’t especially active in the outdoors, focusing on activities such as relaxing outside, walking for enjoyment, and gardening. Members of this segment are motivated by the enjoyment and escape they find outside. Unlike other segments, The Athleisurist does not aspire to be more outdoorsy but rather they are content with their current level of outdoor engagement.

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“I would rather be outside than inside. I love nature, animals, camping, gardening, and taking care of my yard.”

“I am a passive observer of the outdoors. I enjoy walks in places of natural beauty but don’t usually go on hikes, rock climb, or anything like that.”

The Athleisurist seeks sensible basics in their outdoor products and looks for long-standing mainstream outdoor brands. Compared with other segments, The Athleisurist is not very engaged with technology generally and considers the outdoors a way to disconnect even further.

The Athleisurist tends to be older and more likely than members of other segments to live in rural areas. They skew female and are less ethnically diverse than other segments.

Key Opportunity

The Athleisurist already has an affinity for traditional outdoor brands. To reach them, the focus has to be on the experience and not on the performance. Given their price sensitivity, they are good candidates for entry-level products or packaged goods.

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