The Complacent prefers the creature comforts of the indoors, and members of this segment are limited in their ability to get outdoors by health and fitness. They didn’t grow up involved in outdoor activities, and their perception of what it means to engage with the outdoors is extreme, something they definitely don’t aspire to. When they do go outside, members of this segment prefer to stick to low-intensity activities such as relaxing outside, walking for a purpose, and attending community activities.

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“I like fresh air, but I don’t particularly like the outdoors. I hate bugs more than pretty much anything in the world. I also appreciate the comforts [of the indoors], such as air conditioning, TV, a bed, etc.”

“Since I retired, I stay pretty close to home and go out for business or out in the yard for fresh air. This is enough outdoors for me.”

The Complacent needs only the most basic products and strongly favors low-price retailers, such as mass merchandisers. Technology plays a very limited role with this segment, both indoors and outdoors.

Members of this segment skew older and tend to live in suburbs and small towns.

Key Opportunity

For most brands and retailers, the return on investment in targeting The Complacent will be relatively low. For those that have the resources, there is opportunity to connect with new consumers that feel disenfranchised by the outdoor industry.

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