Outdoor Native

Getting outside has always been an important lifestyle choice for The Outdoor Native and will continue to be in the future. They are motivated by enjoyment and the experience. Although they want to improve their own performance, they are less concerned about competition than their counterparts, The Achiever. They balance their personal passions in traditional outdoor activities with more leisurely family-oriented activities including playing outside, running, cycling, day hiking, and camping. They want to spend more time outside, particularly with their families. Not much stands in the way of getting outside for members of this segment, except occasionally the amount of free time available to them.

WildHeart Tip: Connect with others by joining a local outdoor fitness group or club. Visit the directory to learn what outdoor fit opportunities are available at your installation.

“I try to spend as much time outside as I can. It doesn’t matter if it’s yard work, running, hiking, or just relaxing.”

“I love being outside in the sun, in the rain, in the snow—all weather conditions.”

The Outdoor Native seeks sensible products that can cross activities, with a priority on versatility, functionality, and affordability. They mix traditional outdoor brands with more mainstream athletic brands. The Outdoor Native values technology but uses it more to discover and inspire their pursuits, preferring to disconnect while they are actually outdoors.

The Outdoor Native is more likely than members of other segments to be a middle-aged male.

Key Opportunity

The Outdoor Native is highly engaged, will continue to be engaged, and is grooming the next generation of outdoor consumers. The key opportunity lies in connecting these consumers with your brand/business and leveraging their influence on the next generation.

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