The Sideliner likes getting outside for the sunshine and fresh air but rarely participates in activities more intense than walking. Key activities among this segment include relaxing outside, barbecuing, and going to the park. The Sideliner used to be more active outdoors but is hindered by physical limitations such as injuries or weight issues.

WildHeart Tip: Incorporate strength training into your outdoor routine to improve overall fitness. Visit the directory to learn what outdoor fit opportunities are available at your installation.

“I like to be outdoors, working in my garden or being out in the forests, but injuries have severely limited my abilities to function out there doing what I like to do.”

“I love a few hours of soaking up the vitamin D at the pool on the weekends. I also love to play in my flower garden and spend time reading in the garden.”

The Sideliner tends to stick with comfortable and affordable products and feels excluded by outdoor brands. They look for brands and stores that offer the lowest prices, favoring mass merchandisers. Technology plays a relatively limited role in the outdoors among members of this segment, who use it primarily to get information on products.

The Sideliner tends to be older with kids already out of the house. They skew lower income and are more likely than members of other segments to live in small towns and rural areas.

Key Opportunity

Products that enable members of this segment to overcome their physical limitations and spend time relaxing outside will resonate.

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