Urban Athlete

The Urban Athlete represents significant opportunity for the outdoor industry. The Urban Athlete gets outside not because they love the outdoors but because the activities they enjoy require them to go outside. Getting outside ranges from going to parks, the gym, and basketball courts all the way to mountains and lakes. They participate in activities such as basketball, skateboarding, outdoor yoga, mountain biking, races, and drills/HIIT/CrossFit. They were raised on team sports and, as a result, getting outside is much more about competition, socialization, and intensity than it is about connecting with nature. They feel crunched for time which is a significant barrier to increasing their engagement with outdoor activities.

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“I like the outdoors and getting out, but my lifestyle doesn’t allow it so much.”

“I like being outside for workouts, but then want to come in and get clean.”

The Urban Athlete favors athletic products and brands and tends to be very style-conscious. Technology plays a central role in their lives, both inside and outside.

As the name suggests, members of this segment tend to live in urban areas, which poses a challenge to participating in their favorite outdoor activities as much as they would like. They are also younger, higher-income and are more likely than members of other segments to have kids in their homes.

Key Opportunity

The Urban Athlete is young, diverse, urban, and a big spender relative to outdoor products. They identify more with athletic brands than traditional outdoor brands and don’t see themselves as outdoorsy. Leverage their competitive natures to build a relationship with these consumers.

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